Strategic & Scientific Advisory Department

Besides its’ general coordinational tasks the Department is working in close collaboration with the other Departments, especially with the Department for Methodology as well as its’ Grant-Application Unit.

The Department’s whole activity is in accordance with the Instititue’s Mission Statement.

The Department’s general tasks

The Department promotes the implementation of the most recent evidence-based recommendations , quality assurance and educational tasks in the paediatric health care system. It offers professional advice and support for the whole Institute and for its’ professional partners. On the basis of current scientific knowledge and data of children’s health status and health care it elaborates proposals to develop a health care system that meets children’s need, it takes part in preparing, publishing and enforcing methodological guidelines and expert opinions, as well as it participates in the implementation of new methods in training and modernizing child health services in order to improve the quality of health care system.

Collaboration with Professional Partners

In collaboration with other Departments especially the Methodological Dept, : the frame of expert activity on a regular basis providing expert opinion and coordination towards the Ministry of Health and other Professional Associations (Hungarian Academy of Paediatrics, Chief Medical Officer’s Office) , Coordination tasks in preparation of methodological materials (guidelines, recommendations, educational materials, trainings) especially in the field of paediatric prevention , Supportive collaboration in special, child health related tasks of EU-Accession (structure development, quality assurance, Evidence Based Medicine, social and health sector harmonisation).

Special tasks/activities

Primary prevention

In collaboration with the Department of Youth and Family Planning the Department it offers scientific and professional team-leading for the prevention activity of child health care, the prevention of diseases determining the current public health status and the development of prevention methods and practices from the preconceptional stage to the end of the childhood.

Child safety issues

Children’ rights: The Department carries out its activity with social-paediatric attitude cooperating with other professions/professionals , institutes of similar profile and organizations working in the field of children’s protection, children’s right and child safety issues.

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