Department of Methodology and Tender Management

Main Activities

Based on unified guidelines development of methodology related to child health and children’s well being and support of its executions. Study on the evaluation of the child’s rights in the health care.

Out Team

Paediatrician experts, professional in paediatric special and general health care


District nurses with special training in health management and school health

Special education teacher


  • In the frame of expert activity on a regular basis providing expert opinion and coordination towards the Ministry of Health and other Professional Associations (Hungarian Academy of Paediatrics, Chief Medical Officer’s Office)
  • Support of the activity of supervisors in paediatric specialised care (coordination activity in development of supervision guidelines and methodology, summary and evaluation of annual reports of supervisors, organization of annual meeting of supervisors and assuring its professional agenda).
  • Coordination tasks in preparation of methodological materials (guidelines, recommendations, educational materials, trainings) especially in the field of paediatric prevention
  • Supportive collaboration in special, child health related tasks of EU-Accession (structure development, quality assurance, Evidence Based Medicine, social and health sector harmonisation).

Participation in the further development of paediatric health care in Hungary, focusing on primary care (paediatricians in primary care, field nurses, school health nutritionist/dietitian), especially to further improve the efficiency of preventive programs; Participation in the formulation and structuring of health policy decisions and strategy making for paediatric care and related areas. Promotion of guideline development for the improvement of the quality of child care.

KEOP 2014 project (Operative Program for Environmental Protection and Energy Saving). Enviroment protecting project involving 3000 (out of the 4500) nurses in Hungary; within two months training courses on altogether 16 locations in the various counties of Hungary. The training program focused on easily understandable, simple, but meaningful messages (use less toxic materials in your household, eat local, seasonal products, do not produce that much rubbish and try not to waste energy if not necessary.) Within this project educational video games were also developed for two age groups (lower 6-10 ys, higher 11-16 ys), and the main messages have also been disseminated on local festivals, sport and cultural events reaching over 2 million people according to the final evaluation made buy independent researchers.

Unique multidisciplinary training program for crime prevention (multisectorial collaboration targeting children and family) Participants: school staff , policemen, colleagues from child welfare system, paediatricians, health visitors, school children from elementary and secondary schools, school psychologists. Various activities:frontal education of experts from different fields; teacher training – with self-developed KamaszOK (adolescents) curricula; leadership training to strengthen multisectorial communication; activities for schoolchildren . Main topics: prevention of child abuse and neglect, injury prevention; safety promotion, bullying – peer violence, online safety, early detection of physical or mental maltreatment ,structured, peer reviewed videos to help discussions in the school setting

Shaken baby program. Child abuse and neglect is public health issue where data is fair and most of the cases remain hidden; video cartoon to demonstrate the dangers and the possible preventive methods to stop shaking infants - the video has been disseminated via the public health and primary paediatric care network. Special support for nurseries on the basis of national pilot Nursery catering survey. CD with practical issues to improve toddlers meal. Health promotion in nursery. DVD with methodological and demonstration materials both multimedia tool was distributed to all Hungarian nurseries.