Family Planning and Childcare Department

Main Objectives

Development and application of model projects that can result improvement on public health level in measures of certain diseases.

These diseases are either frequent diseases (e.g. allergy) or are leading causes of death at a certain age (inborn malformations, cardio-vascular diseases, depression), that can be positively influenced due to early intervention. Training in model-projects and their nation-wide propagation is our further aim.

Our team

Family Planning is multidisciplinary approach is offered to the couples: consultations with a gynecologist, andrologist, genetist, neuropsychiatrist, infectologist (vaccine preventable infections);

Main Objectives

  1. To prevent first presence of Spina Bifida – Lack of Skull/ Brain malformations.
  2. To identify prior to the conception all risk factors that can adversely influence the healthy fetal development


  1. Detailed anamnesis and screening examinations.
  2. Counselling and treatment if needed.
  3. Intake of multivitamins with Folic-acid is recommended

Brief Description

Volunteer couples during the preparation period for pregnancy participate in general, and based on their individual and family anamnesis screening examinations. Deviations found in screening is treated by an expert. Beside taking vitamins the expected conception is protected from the very first moment.

PMS- as PMS was found to be strong predictor for other mental diseases and post partum depression; The model programs focusing on family planning. Special attention to dietary questions - consultation with a nutritionist/dietitian; Dental health - consultation with a dentist, stomatologist; Sexual health - consultation with gynecologist/andrologist, expert of sexual medicine, Mental health - consultation with either psychiatrist or psychologist.

Promotion of breastfeeding - in collaboration with the National Committee on Breast Feeding.

KamaszOK (Adolescents) – Adolescents is a unique model of adolescent counseling focusing on health promotion and prevention.

school health promotion curricula for teachers; theoretical background and detailed instruction for teacher to elaborate sensitive topics in classrooms e.g. identity, family relations, peer relations, career orientation, love and sexual partnership, bullying, risk behaviour, abuse; multimedia DVD and teacher’s manual; teacher trainings to help teachers and school psychologist to apply the curricula safely and professionally.