Child Safety

Child safety activities have 3 main directions:

Tasks Related to the Implementation of National Child and Youth Safety Action Plan

We collect and analyse data on a regular basis to elaborate child injury report and we also participate in the development, analysis and publication activity of Health Behaviour in School Aged Children Study’s child safety items.

We inform our professional partners about the executed tasks in Child Safety Newsletter and Child Safety Advisory Board meeting are organised annually.

Part of the our public communication campaign is to develop and publish information leaflets, participation in public health events/ health days (e.g. several times in Budapest, in Zánka, Heréd and Lőrinczi) and development of training materials.
We are currently working preparation and resource mobilization for a child safety training software, mobile application and professional webpage (Csibészke-project).

Participation in international child safety activity

NICH as a partner of the European Child Safety Alliance participated in CSAP and TACTICS projects ( The most important outcome of the CSAP project is the above mentioned National Child and Youth Safety Action Plan in 2009. TACTICS project has finished in Spring 2014 and it was divided to several subprojects such as National Case Study, Mapping Responsibility for Child Safety, Child Safety Reference Framework (regional safety policy survey in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County), Intentional Injury Report and Country Profile, and pilot works of Child Safety Survey.

Ad hoc child safety duties

As the methodological background institute of health governance we participate several data reporting, expertise and decision preparatory tasks.