National Institute of Child Health
Budapest, Hungary

About Us

The National Institute of Child Health was founded on the 1st of July, 2003.
The Institute is located at:
H-1113 Budapest, Diószegi str. 64., Hungary
The other location
H-1143 Budapest, Bolgárkerék str. 3., Hungary

As stated in the Foundation Certificate the basic activity of the National Institute of Child Health (NICH) covers all fields of child health, children’s well-being and children’s rights, representing an unified approach to general and specialized health care and prevention. The Institute handles prominently the followings:

  • Data collection and analysis of newborn, infant and child mortality, frequent and chronic diseases data
  • Improvement of professional and technical conditions of neonatal care.
  • Development of principles, conditions and regulation of newborn, infant, child and youth health promotion and preventive systems.
  • Regulation of organizational and professional issues of school health care.
  • Coordination of prevention programs of frequent causes of death.
  • Research of factors influencing health status of child population.

Our Objectives

  • Coordination, evaluation and development of paediatric subsystems, subspecialties within general health care and related areas.
  • Development and guidance of methodological and educational programs in order to promote healthy development and the highest possible quality of life and health status.
  • International and national scientific research activity and publication.
  • Operating the existing systems of Periconceptional Prevention Program.
  • Collaboration in the execution of National Public Health Program Youth Health and Setting programs.
  • Systematic collection of information related to organization and regulation of child health in European Union and its member states.


National Institute of Child Health

Budapest, H-1113 Diószegi str. 64.
Tel.: (+) 36 1 365 15 40
Fax.: (+) 36 1 209 33 37
Budapest, H-1148, Bolgárkerék str. 3.
Tel: (+) 36 1 363 22 29
Fax: (+) 36 1 363 52 72


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